Rebels Recap: Jedi Knight & Dume

Star Wars Rebels returned to our TV screens last night with two of its final six episodes. It is now time to take a look back at what all happened in a “Jedi Knight” and “Dume”.

Spoilers to follow….

If one thing can be taken away from this week’s batch of episodes it is that the end is near for the Ghost crew. This was made clear at the end of “Jedi Knight” with the loss of Kanan Jarrus. Kanan is a character we as Star Wars fans have come to grow with over the last few years in comics, TV, and novels. Kanan has always been the backbone of Rebels so it will be interesting to see the show move forward without him in the last four episodes.

Even though Kanan may be gone his impact is far from gone. The Ghost crew is sent to deal with the loss of their leader in many different ways in the second episode to premier last night, “Dume”. The time given to the rest of our heroes to grieve also allows us as the fan to grieve for the loss of such an important character in the Star Wars universe.

It was refreshing to see every one of our characters deal with this great loss in a different way. Whether it be Sabine and Zeb acting out in violence or Chopper showing he does have a heart under all that metal chaos it was important to show the difference in all of these characters so that the audience is able to find a way to relate their feelings with one of the other characters.

Well that’s it for this week but be sure to check back here next week as I recap “Wolves and a Door” and “A World Between Worlds”. In the meantime check out Rebels Recon on the Star Wars YouTube page for more insight into this week’s episodes and a preview of whats to come.

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