Comics from Around the Galaxy March 14th 2018

We are back for another great week in Star Wars comics. Let’s see what the wonderful world of Star Wars holds for us this week:

Darth Vader #13


Following the Mon Cala theme that was set by last week’s Star Wars #44 we see Vader and company head to the Mon Cala system as the earliest signs of the Rebellion star to boil over.

“As the Empire’s grip tightens, the stirrings of Rebellion begin in the Mon Cala system. Order must be maintained…a job which falls to Vader, his inquisitors…and a man named Wilhuff Tarkin!”

Any time we are treated to more interaction between Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin you can count me in. Their varying styles in what makes the Empire strong always lead to strong stories and I have a feeling this will not disappoint.

Thrawn #2 (of 6)
This week we also see the return of the comic adaptation to last year’s Thrawn novel. With this week’s issue we see Thrawn’s continued rise inside of the Empire as he looks to become a valuable asset to the Emperor’s plan.

“THE RISE OF THE GRAND ADMIRAL CONTINUES! Mitt’hraw’nuruodo, better known as Lieutenant Thrawn of the Galactic Empire, has graduated the Imperial Academy with the highest marks possible, as well as been assigned his own personal assistant, Ensign Eli Vanto, but that doesn’t mean that everyone in the Imperial army wants him to succeed. Tensions run high in the ranks of the Empire as Thrawn continues to defeat new enemies.”

I am not normally one to get too excited for any novel to comic adaptation but with Thrawn being one of my favorite new canon books to date I can say I thoroughly enjoyed the first issue and am looking forward to seeing a more visual telling of the great story that Timothy Zahn started.

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