Top 5 Reasons I Love Star Wars

Welcome to my new weekly series where every Friday I will post a list of some the greatest things about Star Wars. I plan to cover things like best background characters, best animated Star Wars stories, and most underrated characters.

While I was thinking about what topic to cover first I kept coming back to a list of reasons as to why I love Star Wars the way that I do. I think this is the best place to get started because it is a great explanation as to how I approach Star Wars as a whole so let’s get started!

#5 The Characters


Ask any Star Wars fan who their favorite character is and they are sure to answer without hesitation. All of us have that character that first made an impact on us. Whether that be one of the main three characters from the original trilogy or maybe you are a newer fan that got their start with some of the animated characters we all have ones that stand out to us.

Characters are the life blood of Star Wars. We are all fascinated by the main characters as we follow them across the different sagas. We also hunger for any information we can get about the thousands of background characters that have filled up the worlds we visit for decades.

#4 Symbol of Hope


Hope. Hope is a word that underlines everything there is about Star Wars. Even when the stories themselves seem to be in a place full of darkness and despair there is always that symbol of hope.

Hope has been something carried by characters throughout the saga. When our real world sometimes seem to be lacking of heroes that show us hope, it is refreshing to see characters and stories that are always reaching to show us hope.

#3 Family


Family is another theme that is just as important as the message of hope in Star Wars. The importance of family in Star Wars came to the forefront when Darth Vader said those famous words “No I am your father”. Since those words were spoken in Empire Strikes Back we have seen family in every aspect of Star Wars.

The prequels show us the beginning of the Skywalker family, Rebels showed us that family is not always just people who are blood, and the sequel trilogy is showing us that sometimes family is not everything we think it will be.

#2 The Fans


As someone who considers themselves a part of many different fandoms I whole heartily believe the Star Wars fandom is the best fandom. The passion that flows out of each and every Star Wars fan I meet us unequaled.

There are bad apples in every group of fans but the pure passion from Star Wars fans is infectious. If you ever go to Star Wars Celebration or see how fans act around just a simple trailer release you get why so many people love the galaxy far, far, away.

#1 The Vast Galaxy


Hands down the number one reason I love Star Wars in the galaxy is just so vast. This vastness allows for stories to be told with a sense of freedom but with also a since of being important to the last story you watched or read about.

This freedom allows not only a fans mind to run wild with possibility but allows the people telling the stories a way to tell them the way they want to. To many properties nowadays are restricted in the world they can play in but with Star Wars there is room for anything and everything.


Those are the reasons why I love Star Wars. Comment below and let me know what made you fall in love with the galaxy, far, far, away.

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