Comics From Around the Galaxy May 9th 2018

I am back with another week of Star Wars comics! This week we have two adaptations, Vader continues his hunt, and Han is on the run. Let’s get to it!


Star Wars Adventure #10


The Star Wars Adventure series continue to be a fun all ages break from what Marvel is putting out these days. While the stories aren’t the hardest hitting they have just had fun with the small stories they are telling. This month as we approach the release of Han Solo: A Star Wars Story the series switches its focus to Han and Chewie.

“Powered Down,’ Part 1 (of 2). Han and Chewie are on the run from bounty hunters and take refuge on a planet that mysteriously shuts downs all electronics. With no way off the planet, will our favorite scruffy duo be able to evade their pursuers? Also features a Lando Calrissian story by Elsa Charretier and Pierrick Colinet! Continues the story set up in the Star Wars Adventures Free Comic Book Day issue!”

I am sold on Han and Chewie being on the run from bounty hunters and the addition of Lando Calrissian is sure to make this story enjoyable. I am also hungry for any Han material at this point due to how close we are to a new movie.


Darth Vader #16

WP 1

Hands down my favorite ongoing Star Wars comic returns this week as Vader continues to hunt down the Jedi on Mon Cala.

“Vader and his Inquisitors lead an elite squad of clone troopers to flush out the Jedi traitor beneath the waters of Mon Cala…and the oceans will burn with their fury.”

One of the reasons I have loved this series so much has a lot to do with how well written Vader is by Charles Soule but also the futher exploration of the Inquisitors. They were some of the best parts in Rebels so to see the program more flushed out is refreshing.


Star Wars Last Jedi Adaptation #1 (of 6)

WP 2

First off how great is that cover with the Porgs watching Rey hand Luke his saber? Just an all around fun cover. I am not normally one for movie to comic adaptations because they generally just do not adapt well in my opinion. This on the other hand does interest me because of the inclusion of the never before scenes.

It seems like these scenes will be the ones we got in the novelization but to see them visually should be interesting enough for me to pick this up. Other than that I am intrigued to see how some of the major scenes look in the comic.


Star Wars Thrawn #4 (of 6)

WP 3

Our second adaptation of the week begins the last half of the Thrawn novel. As the sequel to last year’s Thrawn book approaches I have enjoyed having a visual refresher of what has happened. With all the Star Wars content today sometimes it is tough to keep everything straight.

“THE RISE OF THE GRAND ADMIRAL’ CONTINUES! Thrawn’s rise in the Imperial Empire continues at a trajectory one can only dream of. Meanwhile, Eli Vanto is still stuck in the same position as when he graduated – Thrawn’s aide. But will Thrawn’s obsession and pursuit of the mysterious crimelord ‘Nightswan’ lead both Imperials to success in the Emperor’s eyes? Help comes from mysterious places in the Empire…”

As the cover shows we get to see more of Thrawn and Tarkin interacting. As two of the smartest minds in the Empire it is always a privilege to see these two share scenes together.



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