Comics From Around the Galaxy: May 16th 2018

It’s a quiet week in Star Wars comics so let’s get to it!

Poe Dameron #27


The Poe comic continues it’s side story this week as Poe, Rey, and Finn recount stories that we the viewer did not see in The Force Awakens.

“CONTINUING THE UNSEEN EVENTS OF THE FORCE AWAKENS! Poe Dameron managed to escape the First Order – but only just! Meanwhile, the rest of Black Squadron is on their most daring mission yet. Follow everyone’s favorite Resistance crew as Poe Dameron tells Rey and Finn his adventures during the events of The Force Awakens!”

Even though this isn’t pushing forward the main story arc of Poe finding Lor San Tekka I enjoyed the first story and am looking forward to see what holes this issue fills in. I have always believed that Star Wars comics are at their best when they are showing us corners or stories in the galaxy that do not have time or a place on the movie screen.


Poe Dameron TP Volume 4

PD 1

This week is also the release of the 4th tradepaper back collection of the Poe Dameron comic. If you prefer collecting this way then be sure to pick this one up!

“The galaxy’s greatest pilot flies on! General Leia Organa gave Poe Dameron an important task: locate the mysterious Lor San Tekka. And our hero may be closer than he thinks – but can he get the job done in time? Black Squadron faces their next assignment, but is it mission impossible? Not for Poe’s crew – which means it’s prison-break time! Plus: Poe has never been one to follow the rules. So when he disobeys a direct order from General Organa and gets stranded in First Order space – with no ship and little oxygen – how will he survive? Meanwhile, Terex sets plans in motion to finally free himself from the grasp of the First Order! And the end of an era approaches as the force of Poe’s destiny draws him toward an awakening. Collecting STAR WARS: POE DAMERON #20-25 and ANNUAL #1.”




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