Comics from Around the Galaxy: May 23, 2018

It’s that time of week again! Time to dive back into one of the best mediums for Star Wars story telling in this week’s comics.

Star Wars #48

Star Wars #48

One of my favorite story arcs thus far in the ongoing Star Wars comic continues this week with the liberation of Mon Cala.

“The Rebellion’s fight to liberate Mon Cala continues! While Han, Luke and Leia undertake a perilous and nigh-impossible rescue, Threepio must keep up his vital mission…of hobnobbing at the opera?!”

The main reason I have enjoyed this story arc so far is how much C-3PO we get to enjoy. 3PO has been in every single Star Wars movie so far but he always takes a back seat to our main cast of heroes but to see him put into this current situation is hilarious. I am all for more stories of 3PO in uncomfortable situations.


Star wars Annual #4


We get a double dip of the main Star Wars book this week with the release of it’s fourth annual.

“Strap in, racing fans – we’re going podracing! Bring your betting money, because this is going to be a high-stakes race, with rebel Luke Skywalker, smuggler Sana Starros and even a certain Dark Lord in attendance! PLACE YOUR BETS!”

They had me at podracing! One of the things I like most from the prequels (just like most Star Wars fans) is the podracing. To see some more of this fast action sport involving Luke is all I need. We also get to see more of Sana Starros as we approach a possible inclusion of the character in Solo: A Star Wars Story.


Doctor Aphra #20

Doctor Aphra #20

The best new Star Wars comic character returns this week with the start of a whole new story arc.

“BROKEN, INSIDE BEGINS NOW! Aphra is behind bars. Again. But this time, she finds herself in Imperial custody, strapped to an explosive transmitter synced to a single hub-droid. Take one step too far? KABLOOEY! Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue to sit still for Aphra – but what happens when her Imperial captors send her hub-droid to the middle of a war zone? And, uh, what’s this rumor about the prison being haunted?”

Aphra has been the series in new canon that has been able to feel the most familiar and different at the same time. With great introductions of new characters at every turn you never know what an issue will throw at you. If you haven’t given Doctor Aphra a try yet I recommend hoping on now.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi #2 (of 6)


“The Resistance has found Luke Skywalker! But the First Order is hot on their tail…and they are out for blood. Join writer Gary Whitta (ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY) and artist Michael Walsh (STAR WARS ANNUAL, HAWKEYE and THE VISION) as they take on the adventures of Force prodigy Rey, ace pilot Poe Dameron, and ex-First Order recruit Finn from the hit blockbuster STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI – featuring never-before-seen scenes of your favorite characters!”

The Last Jedi adaptation is back with issue #2 this week. As I have stated in the past movie adaptations are not my favorite thing in comics but issue #1 did add some things to the overall movie that I feel contributed to the story at large so I am intrigued to see what issue #2 holds.




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