Director Found for Boba Fett Movie?


The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the director of Logan, James Mangold will be directing and writing an upcoming Boba Fett movie. THR did not have any details about when this film would begin shooting or even an idea of when to expect it in theaters but just like with the standalone Obi Wan movie there seems to be so much smoke that a fire has to be around somewhere.

A Boba Fett standalone movie in my opinion would be one of the riskier moves Lucasfilm could look to pull off but their parent company Disney does have a track record of selling risky movies (i.e. Guardians of the Galaxy). I will be interested to see if we get any official word from Lucasfilm once Solo has it’s time in theaters because as of right now the only movie with a release date is Episode IX.

To read the full report by The Hollywood Reporter click here. What are your thoughts on this decision? Does the rumor even have any merit? Let me know in the comments!

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