George Lucas Shares Episode VII-IX Vision

In the world of odd Star Wars news Insight Editions, a publishing company, has released a excerpt from their upcoming book James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction in which George Lucas briefly shares what his vision for Episodes VII-IX would have been if he had held on to Lucasfilm.

Even though this is very small sample of what Lucas would have looked to do to close out the Skywalker saga we can tell this would have been vastly different from what we have received.

Even though I have enjoyed all of the new films I can’t lie saying I would not be interested to see what a “macrobiotic world” would look like on film. Seeing Lucas further explore the Whills which he cut out of his original take on Star Wars and how they affect the Force as we know it.

Another interesting thing in this excerpt is Lucas saying “of course a lot of fans would hate it”. With what is currently going on in Star Wars fandom with groups of fans encouraging people who do not like the Disney-era of films to be aggressive toward creators and actors, Lucas continues to call out the bad parts of the fandom that are so toxic that it even affects someone like him.

What are your thoughts about Lucas’ plan for Episodes VII-IX? Would you have wanted to see something like this make it to film?


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