Original Star Wars Actor Cancelling Comic Con Appearance Due to Filming Schedule

The Episode IX rumors are starting to fly at full force now that we are free from the Solo: A Star Wars Story push. Back on June 18th Fantha Tracks reported that Billy Dee Williams was set to reprise his role as Lando Calrissian in Episode IX. Fantha Tracks has always been a great source for Star Wars rumors so this story made its rounds in the Star Wars circle.

Now it seems like their may be some more smoke to go along with this rumor. Just recently Billy Dee Williams has pulled out of multiple upcoming comic con appearances due to “filming conflicts”.

As we all know Billy Dee has not had the biggest acting career as of late. If we look back at what he has done according to his IMDB most of his work in years past have been voicing acting in Star Wars properties. With Fantha Tracks claiming Billy Dee is back for Episode IX and these cancellations lining up with the filming schedule of Episode IX I think this is a rumor that will not go away any time soon.

I for one would love for Billy Dee to reprise his iconic role. I think seeing him in a scene with someone like Maz Kanata has potential to be a highlight of Episode IX. Also knowing that Billy Dee has been down to return to the role it seems like we may be getting even more Lando in 2019.

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