Episode IX Casting Rumors

Variety is reporting this morning that JJ Abrams is courting one of his “Felicity” alumni to join him for Episode IX. Keri Russel is being reported has a new addition to the Star Wars cast for the next saga from a galaxy. far, far away.

According to Variety “the role calls for action-heavy fight scenes”. These scenes will not be an issue for Russell since she has plenty of action scenes under her belt with roles on “Mission Impossible”, “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”, and “The Americans”.

This report is not surprising to me at all as a long time JJ Abrams fan he is well known for working with people who he has a history with so Russell fits the bill. As far as the role is concerned I am excited to see yet another bad ass lady added to the Star Wars cast. After the loss of Carrie Fisher it would be nice to see a character that maybe was inspired by Leia’s role in the galaxy.


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