Comics from Around the Galaxy: July 18, 2018

The new epic Star Wars arc rolls on and Darth Vader looks to uncover some secrets in this week’s Star Wars comics!

Star Wars #51


HOPE DIES PART 2. The MILLENNIUM FALCON – alone – versus an entire IMPERIAL FLEET. Can LEIA discover the cause of this disaster? And even if she can, is it too late?

After last month’s awesome Star Wars #50 I have been dying to see what is in store next for this comic. The ending of issue 50 was one of the best scenes in a Star Wars comic for me. I am extremely happy to see how this comic decides how to show us the Empire truly striking back.

Darth Vader Annual #2


DARTH VADER intends for the Empire to hold no secrets for him – or from him. Which means it is time to dig into the pet project of GOVERNOR WILHUFF TARKIN and ORSON KRENNIC: the massive battle station being built on GEONOSIS. Opportunity arises when the project is hindered by sabotage from unknown forces. THE EMPEROR calls on his dark enforcer to root out the source of treachery that threatens to destabilize the Empire’s galactic ascent.

For a second issue in a we get to see Vader square off with the biggest and baddest in the Empire. This time we get a little more background on how Vader found out about the Death Star project.

This issue as a lot of potential to not only give us more Tarkin versus Vader but it also gives us a chance to get more tie ins with Rouge One. Any time comics and books can better assist the movies I am all in for them.

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