Star Wars Episode IX Cast Announced!

Coming straight from the horse mouth at we have an official cast for Star Wars Episode IX. Normally cast announcements are pretty straight forward but this release is far from it.

The first bit of news worth mentioning in this release is that Mark Hamill will be officially returning to the galaxy far, far, away. There has been fan speculation ever since his death in The Last Jedi that Hamill would return to reprise his role as Luke Skywalker but this time as a force ghost. Hamill’s inclusion in this press release all but confirms this fan theory unless JJ Abrams has something else in mind.

The second worthy bit of news is that we finally have official confirmation that Billy Dee Williams will be returning as Lando Calrissian. This is something almost every fan site on the internet had been reporting for months but it is always nice to get an official confirmation.

The third and in my opinion most important news to stem out of this release is that Carrie Fisher will in fact play Princess Leia in Episode IX. According to the release the film will “using unseen footage we shot together in Episode VII.” This is a rather large surprise but a welcomed one in my opinion. I do not feel having Leia’s last moments be off screen or done in another form of media would have honored not only the legacy of the character but that of Carrie Fisher. I trust in Lucasfilm and Abrams that if they feel this is the right way then they have something very special planned for this moment.

To read the full release head over to and make sure to stick around here as we are now officially in the Star Wars Episode IX hype!

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