Comics From Around the Galaxy: August 29, 2018

Lando Double or Nothing #4 (of 5)


THE GALAXY’S MOST DEBONAIR ROGUE! Having been freed from BATALLA and his warrior clan, LANDO now faces a host of new obstacles. Will he get past the STORMTROOPERS, find RYTHUS and get the arms to him and his people? Is all of this possible while wearing a cape? Will his mustache start a grooming trend? All will be answered in this issue!

This comic may have Lando in it’s title but this mini series has quickly become about how great L3 is as a character. We did not get a whole lot of L3 in Solo: A Star Wars Story but she was easily one of my favorite new characters. It is great that this comic has given us so many great moments between L3 and Lando to add toward their overall relationship.

Poe Dameron Annual #2


Rebellions may be built on built on hope, but they need more than that to survive.
LEIA sends BLACK SQUADRON on a new mission, one that will raise important funds for THE RESISTANCE. Can a group of pilots really do the work of smugglers and scoundrels?

With it being the 5th Wednesday of the month it comes as no surprise that an annual has slid into our list. With the main Poe comic wrapping up next month it is great to get any Poe stories we can. It is also great to see Greg Rucka back telling a Dameron story since his last chance came all the way back in the lead up to the Force Awakens. If you are mildly interested in what Poe and Black Squadron do outside of the movies this is the book for you.

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