Comics from Around the Galaxy: September 12th, 2018

Last Jedi Adaptation #6 (of 6)


THE LATEST EPISODE OF THE STAR WARS SAGA COMES TO ITS THRILLING CONCLUSION! Trapped in a derelict rebel base, GENERAL LEIA and the last of the RESISTANCE fight for their survival! Will POE DAMERON, ROSE and FINN stop the FIRST ORDER before they destroy the last hope for the galaxy? Is hope dead, or will LUKE SKYWALKER return to confront his fallen pupil KYLO REN?

The final issue of the Last Jedi adaptation finally hits the shelves this week. This issue (as the cover shows) will artistically show off one of my favorite scenes in the whole movie. If you are not to busy making angry Youtube videos about the movie make sure to pick this issue up tomorrow.


Darth Vader #21


FORTRESS VADER,’ PART 3 DARTH VADER returns to the place of his birth as he seeks the path to his destiny. Echoes from the past reach out to him – both from his own, and from the dark history of the SITH.

Charles Soule continues to roll on as the king of Star Wars comics right now. I can not think of a book right now that is so strong every single issue. If you have not been reading Soule’s run on Vader I recommend changing that as soon as possible. This book continues to add more and more to an already iconic character.

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