Star Wars Resistance Starts Strong

Star Wars animation returned to our TV sets last night with quite the premier. Having now watched the first three episodes of the series thanks to the Disney app I am finding that this is the most I have enjoyed the beginning of an animated Star Wars show to date. Both Rebels and Clone Wars are fantastic shows for various reasons but both shows in my opinion had slow starts. We did not have this problem with Resistance.

Right from the gates this show hit the ground running. Not only are the characters and story line engaging but it is one of the most cinematic animated Star Wars shows to date. There were plenty of times I caught myself being surprised at how great the show looked. Having been worried at the look of the show from all of the trailers I was surprised how much I enjoyed the look.


Another large strength of this show was the character development. Even though I have only seen two hours worth of this show so far the depth of the main characters was clear. Everyone had a clear motive to why they were there and what they were doing. I hope this continues as the seasons roll on.

The last thing I will mention that stood out about these early episodes is that the overall story was a rather small part of the episodes. Reading that it may seem that would be a bad thing but this show has it’s strengths in how grounded it is. This is not a show that is about the galactic struggle as a whole. Sure Kaz is working for the Resistance as a spy but the show at it’s heart is about how the galactic issues effect even the smallest communities. This is why I am glad that the overall story is there and will sure come into play but it is first and foremost about the individual characters.

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