Comics from Around the Galaxy October 10, 2018

Tales From Vader’s Castle #2 (of 5)


Even though this is an all ages comic I really enjoyed the first issue. With such a heavy emphasis on where everything fits in canon it is nice to have a “tales” story that is not looking to take everything so seriously. That is one of the reasons I enjoyed Legends of Luke Skywalker so much in the lead up to the Last Jedi. If you are looking for a fun comic that does not take itself to serious this is for you.


Solo Adaptation #1 (of 5)


Continuing with the tradition of every Star Wars movie getting a comic adaption it is now Solo’s turn. I have said this in the past that these are not my favorite things happening right now in Star Wars comics (I mean how could it be with Soule’s Vader run) but I do enjoy the small additions that these comics add to the movies through deleted scenes. I am a sucker for more content so I will keep picking these up as long as they continue to include that in them.

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