Third Thrawn Book Announced

In not so shocking news announced today that Timothy Zahn is working on a third Thrawn novel for a summer 2019 release. This book will be a sequel to last summer’s Thrawn Alliances. Thrawn Treason will take place shortly after Thrawn’s own Tie Defender program is shut down in favor of Director Krennic’s Death Star program.

This book will also include the return of Eli Vanto to the series as he returns to warn Thrawn about something on his home world. We will see Thrawn have to choose where his allegiance truly lies as the book moves along. 

I know this is not a shocking announcement to any around Star Wars but is definitely a welcomed announcement.  The Thrawn books have been some of the strongest novels released under Disney’s control so it is nice to see the story continuing.

These books have also done a fantastic job at filling in the story gaps we did not get with Rebels. I am hoping since this book is taking place during the actual events of Rebels that we may have a surprise appearance or two.

I am also excited for the return of Eli Vanto who rather grew on me in the first novel as a nice foil to Thrawn. I am sure whatever news he is bringing from Thrawn’s home world is sure to shake up the story.

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