New Darth Vader Comic Coming in March

It goes without saying that anyone within the Star Wars fandom is well aware of what happened to the last Darth Vader comic that Marvel announced. It was cancelled after the author, Chuck Wendig, was fired for due to some of his tweets being negative/vulgar. I am not going to get into if that was a good move by Marvel since both sides have been written to death. 

Instead I choose to focus on the news today that Marvel has green lit Vader: Dark Visions written by Dennis Hopeless. This comic will be a five-issue series that intends to “shed a new light on the many sides of the galaxy’s greatest villain”.

Vader with a shield. Bad ass.

The whole Chuck Wendig thing was frankly a mess from all angles but I for one am excited that we are getting more Vader. The Vader comics have consistently been the best things Marvel has been putting out so getting more of the Sith Lord cannot be a bad thing. We will have to wait and see if the story is worth the wait. 

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