Comics From Around the Galaxy: 12/12/18

Age of Republic: Darth Maul

The first Age of the Republic comic in Marvel’s in 30-issue series was a fantastic exploration into what the Force really is to the universe at large. The series now turns it’s attention to the darker side of the Force with this week’s comic focusing on Darth Maul. I am hoping this comic allows us to explore the depths of the Dark Side just like the Qui Gon comic let us explore the light.

Doctor Aphra #27

Man, this comic. I continually find myself at a loss on how to describe just how nuts this book is month in and month out but if you are looking for a Star Wars comic that has blood thirsty droids, Doctor Evazan, and an exploration of the darker underworld of the Star Wars univerise then this book is for you. Hands down one of the most unpredictable comics being put out today in the Star Wars line. 

Han Solo Imperial Cadet #2 (of 5) 

This comic is what I would like to see more of going forward when Marvel is looking to have a tie in book with a movie release. The movie to comic adaptations are fine but I would love for them to green light a mini-series like this comic to fill in backstory of some characters or scenes the movie does not have time to explain. While the novelization of Solo covers some of this material I am still enjoying seeing it played out in a visual form. 

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