Comics From Around the Galaxy: 12/19/18

Star Wars Adventures #16

The all ages comic that IDW has been doing a great job with shifts its focus to Star Wars Resistance this week. As someone who has been suprised at just how much I have enjoyed the new show I am excited to have more stories to explore with these excellent new characters.

Star Wars Solo Adaptation #3 (of 5)

If you just cannot get enough of Han meeting Lando then this week’s Solo Adaptation is for you. This is one of my favorite scenes in the movie and here is to hoping we get a little bit more of the background aliens in the comic. I mean who does not want more Therm Scissorpunch.

Darth Vader #25

This is it. If you can only afford to pick up one Star Wars comic this week, this is it. Charles Soule is wrapping up his newest two year run on Darth Vader this week. The way this story has been going we are sure to be in for some major surprises. Seriously go buy this comic.

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