Charles Soule Wraps Up Darth Vader

This week’s best Star Wars comic is a no brainier. I knew going into this week that Darth Vader #25 would be a tough book to beat but man did I not know how tough it was actually going to be. Darth Vader #25 is not only the perfect send off to Charles Soule current Vader run but also helps cap his entire time with the character.

Soule chooses to spend his last issue with Vader by sending him on some sort of Force journey through his life and even his future. The way this comic depicts Anakin’s journey from conception to becoming the Sith Lord he is today is extremely powerful. We see the Force challenging him with many of the decisions that made him who he is today.

While Vader’s goal throughout the Force journey is to bring back Padme the Force is very clear to him that this is not an option, that he must move on. After seeing and accpeting that bringing back Padme is not an option we see Vader double down on being a Sith Lord. He is presented with challenges he has already faced in life and chooses to make the same choice. This further cements Anakin’s choice to join the Dark Side.

But this is all interrupted by a large beam of blue light that is emitted from none other than Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber. This beam is what ends the Force journey symbolizing the end of Vader’s journey with the Dark side as Luke comes to redeem him at the end of Return of the Jedi.

This comic from the start of Soule’s run has had a lot to unpack. It has easily given us some of the best character development of Darth Vader we have ever seen. I will truly miss reading this book every month but am looking forward to what stories Charles Soule tells next in the Star Wars universe.

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