Top 5 Things I Would Love to See in Episode IX

We are just one year away from the release of Episode IX. The end to the Skywalker saga if Disney is to be believed. I thought it would be fun to list the top 5 things I would love to see in Episode IX.

#5 R2D2 and BB-8

My first entry into my list is not really all that serious but the fact that we are now two movies into the sequel trilogy and have not had one run in between BB-8 and R2D2 is just a crime to me. Sure they have been around each other but I want some sort of movie stealing interaction between the two.

The way I imagine it happening is like when you have an older more mature dog (R2D2) and bring home that excitable puppy (BB-8). The older dog normally always looks at you like why did you change up this dynamic that is working so well. I need a scene of this type of comic relief.

#4 Return to an Old Location

With some of the rumors floating around this seems like the most likely thing to happen on my wish list but I would love for this movie to spend some time at a location we have seen in a previous film. Whether this be an old rebel base or a return to somewhere like Tatooine. My long shot dream would be a return to Naboo by Kylo looking for answers to where he comes from as he continues to struggle with who he really is inside.

Either way I think a return to an older location would allow for a nice bow to wrap the Skywalker saga.

#3 Leia Send Off

We will be getting some sort of Leia send off for sure. With the passing of Carrie Fisher the character of General Leia will go with her. Her inclusion in the offical cast annoucement was one of the more suprising things since I myself felt they would just write her off.

With her inclusion we are sure to be getting a proper send off. I do not know what that send off should be but it is bound to be one of the more emotional parts of Episode IX and I am happy to see what JJ Abrams and his team come up with.

#2 A Path to the Future

This may very well be the last of the Skywalker saga films but Disney did not spend $4 billion dollars on Lucasfilm to just make one more trilogy. We are for sure getting more Star Wars movies set after Episode IX.

With that in mind I do not want Episode IX to end on some massive cliff hanger because a Star Wars trilogy should also wrap up rather neatly. Instead I want some sort of future that leads to a more open ended idea of what the future may hold. Whether that be the restart of a Jedi Academy (more books please) or a completely different understanding of the Force.

#1 Force Ghost

This is my pipe dream. My one in a million shot. But for one of the final scenes of Episode IX to be Force Ghost would be excellent. I’m not talking about just Luke and Yoda. I want the whole gang there. Throw in Qui Gon, Obi Wan, Mace Windu, Anakin, Leia. I want this to be a big family reunion that helps but a nice cap on the over 40+ years of Star Wars movie making.

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