Comics From Around the Galaxy: 1/9/19

Star Wars Adventures Destroyer Down #3 (of 3)

Say what you will about all ages comics but man this one has been fun. I am a sucker for more Jakku and this is exactly what this comic gives you. If you are looking to get more out of the characters we met on Jakku this is the book for you. With it being an all ages book do not expect it to be too heavy but if you are just looking for a fun Star Wars story this book is for you.

Star Wars #59

This newest arc of the main Star Wars book has just not really hit the right points for me. I can not put my finger on what is not working for me but overall this has been my least favorite arc for this book.

With that said I have enjoyed seeing our heroes in a situation that is not galaxy ending. To see them put into a more grounded world that is cut off from the overall galactic struggle is a nice change of pace for this group that is normally going from one world ending battle to the next.

Age of Republic Jango Fett #1

Can I take a second to just mention how great these Age of Republic stories have been? The book has already covered a lot of different corners of the Star Wars universe and has handle all the stories with great care. The book has really shined at telling one and done stories while at the same time adding to the mythos that is Star Wars.

With such strong books already out in this line I can not wait to read the Jango Fett story. Outside of his brief appearance of Episode II, Jango Fett as a character is not very flushed out so I am excited to see what new things we learn in this book.

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