Bring a Fett to Work Day

Did you ever have a parent take you with them to work? Was your parent a famous bounty hunter? Well if so then Age of Republic: Jango Fett is a comic just for you. I have had high praise for all of the Age of Republic comics so far but this one is by far my favorite. This new series has given us a lot of great moments so far but this book just hit home for me.

It is a rather simple premise of a dad taking his son to work with him. That is something we can all relate to. The difference being most of our parents weren’t famous bounty hunters like Boba Fett’s dad. This comic would be your run of the mill Star Wars bounty hunter story if not for the element of Jango’s son coming along for the ride.

The book begins with Jango taking a routine bounty but takes a turn when we find out he is bringing Boba along with him as part of his training. The reaction we get out of the other fellow bounty hunters is just great. The story continues as Jango looks to teach his son how to become a great bounty hunter like him.

This book really is firing on all cylinders when we get the father and son moments of teaching that come along in the book. We end up learning that Boba has picked up quite a bit from his dad over the years. Boba is special to Jango even though he is just one of a thousands clones. This book does a great job at showing that Jango did not care about the money or the army he just wanted a kid of his own.

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