Another Cancelled Star Wars Game

In what is becoming a very common occurrence Kotaku is reporting that EA have cancelled the previously announced large open world Star Wars game. While Kotaku has updated their story to say that EA has chosen to cancel this game in favor of a smaller scale project, gaming has not been the most successful thing in the Star Wars universe in the last few years.

Since Disney made a deal with EA for exclusive gaming rights to Star Wars we have gotten to online multiplayer games and a few mobile games. While the Battlefront games have been fine from a game play standpoint they have been stuck in loot box hell for years. Sure EA “fixed” the issue but the damage was already done. As far as the mobile games are concerned they have been good but again they are mobile games.

Due to all of this some people have been calling for EA to lose to rights to make Star Wars games. I do not think this will happen anytime soon but I do think EA has to take 2019 as the year to prove to fans that they have a direction outside of Battlefront.

EA already has Jedi Fallen Order coming out hopefully this year so that should help some but we as fans need a road map. We need to see that there is something coming for the next few years. Just like Disney has done with the movies, seeing a plan will help keep fans at bay when news like yesterday’s is bound to happen.

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