Jar Jar Binks with a Lightsaber

This week I only had one Star Wars comic to choose from for best comic of the week but since it was made up of multiple stories I chose to pick my favorite of the bunch.

While I am well aware this will be the story every single website will run today the Jar Jar Binks story in the Age of Republic Special was honestly my favorite. Not just because Jar Jar Binks uses a lightsaber making all Darth Jar Jar Reddit threads spring back to life like quicker than Darth Maul did but because it was just a fun story. Sure it raises questions about why Jar Jar was on Mimban for this battle anyways but man is it fun.

We not only get to see the true highlight of seeing Jar Jar Binks swinging a lightsaber but we get to see Jar Jar being a real contributor to the war. He not only learns a lesson about himself but teach the clones a lesson as well. We have seen the character of Jar Jar go through quite a lot of beat downs over the years so it was nice to see him celebrated.


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