Alphabet Squadron Becomes a Trilogy!

In what is becoming the norm with Star Wars news Del Rey Books choose a random Friday afternoon to drop some big comic and book news. The already announced Alphabet Squadron was going to become a trilogy of books. But before we even get the first book in the series we are going to get a new Marvel Comics miniseries titled Star Wars: TIE Fighter.

This new series will be written by Jody Houser (Thrawn and Rogue One). This miniseries will kick off in April leading up to the release of the first book in the trilogy and will act as a prequel to the novels.

Starting in April, you’ll meet these brave pilots in Star Wars: TIE Fighter, a new Marvel miniseries set in the time of Alexander Freed’s forthcoming novel Alphabet Squadron, which we are happy to announce will be a trilogy.  The exciting new crossover series from Del Rey and Marvel comics, set after Return of the Jedi, will follow the brutal fallout during the fall of the Empire from both sides of the battle

This is great news for anyone that is a huge fan of the X-wings series from Legends growing up. Those books were my introduction into Star Wars outside of the movies so I cannot wait to dive into more pilot stories with this series.

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