Rebellions Take Sacrfice

Star Wars #60 continued to teach us one of the things that new canon has been teaching us for a while, the Rebellion is not won without sacrifice. Sure in the original trilogy we lost plenty of pilots to the battle against the Empire but we never got to really see the human effect that loss had but since Disney acquired Star Wars we have seen the human effect time and time again.

The first major time we saw how loss effects people is with Rogue One. Rogue One was a deep dive into how ordinary people sacrificed everything in order to continue the legacy of something they believed in. We even were given the chance to see how Luke was effected once he learned how the characters in Rogue One died so he could do what he did on the Death Star.

The theme of loss and its effects continued in Star Wars #60. We see Thane Markona, a man who was unsure of the Rebellion, give his life so that Luke, Han, and Leia could continue on a mission he grew to believe in.

In one of the best scenes in this issue we see that Thane Markona found out who the Empire was because of the Death Star. He found out about the Rebellion through people’s actions. This to me is a powerful way to show the differences between the two sides in this war.

Star Wars #60 continues to bring home the idea of sacrifice. We are beginning to see why Luke become who he is in Return of the Jedi and even seeing some logic behind his actions in The Last Jedi.

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