Comics From Around the Galaxy: 1/30/19

Star Wars Adventures #17

The all ages comic continues it’s focus this month on the characters from Resistance. As this show goes along I have really enjoyed the new characters we have gotten to meet. If you want to see more of the characters in a fun setting this book is for you.

Solo Adaptation #4 (of 7)

If you have been dying to see the Kessel run depicted in comic form this issue is for you. Just like all other adaptations this one has been pretty run of the mill. Solo is a movie I have grown to like more the longer it has been out so I have enjoyed seeing the movie from this perspective.

Doctor Aphra #28

Last but certainly not least, Doctor Aphra. I say this every month but this comic is just plain crazy Star Wars fun, month in and month out. This comic unlike anything else being put out really embraces the weird parts of Star Wars that I enjoyed a lot in the Expanded Universe. If you are looking for just a fun read that can go anywhere this book is for you.

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