Triple Zero Catches Feelings?

Doctor Aphra #28, just like most of this series is just pure craziness. Between bounty hunters, a Force Ghost possessing a dead guy, and two murder robots pitted against each other there is plenty to go around.

Even with all that going on the thing that stuck out to be is the character growth we get with Triple Zero. Triple Zero, dating all the way back to his introduction the the Darth Vader series, has been a cold killing machine. He has never once showed he cared for anyone or anything. Doctor Aphra #28 changes that. We see Triple Zero faced with the fact that not only is his “friend” Beetee-One alive but he is looking to kill him.

We get to see Triple Zero try to rationalize why his “friend” would be acting this way throughout the book. Aphra even questions why Triple Zero cares so much since in her words “you are an exquisitely tooled murder machine that does not do feelings ever. right?”. Triple Zero then spends the rest of the issue trying to play off the fact that he cares about losing a friend. Seeing this kind of change in what has been up to this point a one dimensional character is really refreshing.

Triple-Zero is not the only character we see struggle with their feelings in this book. Aphra has to come to terms with why she has not ended Triple Zero’s life if she thinks he is such a disgusting robot only out to kill people. This exchange leads us to some interesting thoughts about Aphra feeling like see is Triple Zero’s creator since she switched him on to begin with. Would it be just for a “creator” to kill it’s creation?

All the issues that this book deals with are bound to have lasting effects on this book going forward. It looks like Doctor Evazan’s plan to put them together for his entertainment may end up bringing them to a better understanding of each other.

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