Celebration Guest Continue to Roll in

With under 60 days left until all of Star Wars fandom descends upon Chicago we have another batch of Celebration guest to talk about. This batch is the smallest so far to be announced but it packs a punch.

First up we have the Emperor himself, Ian McDiarmid. If you have not had the chance to met him I would highly recommend McDiarmid being on your list for Celebration Chicago. He genuinely loves Star Wars and the fans that surround it, making his enjoyment contagious when you are around him.

The next guest announced in this batch is Brian Herring, who is most famous for bringing BB-8 to life. Brian has also helped puppeteer many other creatures during his time with the sequel trilogy so he is someone with a lot of behind the scenes knowledge of the newest movies.

The last guest announced today is Mark Dodson. Mark is not a house hold name for Star Wars but he brought to life one of the best aliens in all of Star Wars, Salacious B. Crumb. If you don’t enjoy a little but of Salacious in your life then you are missing out on some joy.

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