Comics From Around the Galaxy: 2/13/19

Age of Republic: Count Dooku #1

Another week, another Age of Republic comic. This week we shift our focus on Count Dooku. From some of the early previews it looks like we are going to get to see Dooku face off with Yoda. If this encounter is half as fun as the one in Attack of the Clones this will be a must read comic.

Han Solo: Imperial Cadet #4 (of 5)

This has been a fun book so far. It has been pretty light on any real additions to what we know about Han Solo but it has just been a fun read. Seeing Han inside of the Imperial machine is something I loved from Legends so getting a taste of it in this book has been great. This is the penultimate issue so the stakes are getting raised by Han finally going out on a real Imperial mission, which will lead to an exciting conclusion to our time with young Solo.

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