Episode IX Teaser Incoming?

Hear me out. I know we have been through a lot of crazy Star Wars rumors these past few weeks but this one I think is different. Fantha Tracks, who have a good track record, are reporting the following:

A major UK cinema chain has received a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) from Disney this morning called TT1-SW9, (Teaser Trailer 1 Star Wars 9). It’s encrypted with a KDM (Key Delivery Message) so they can’t view the contents until they get the key. No news on when they’ll get the key, but they had the Aladdin trailer DCP for two weeks before it came out on Monday…therefore, Friday might be the day, but that’s pure speculation.

If this was some random website I would just write this off as something written to get clicks but it being Fantha Tracks makes me think this through a little bit. While Friday seems too soon for a teaser we do have a major Disney movie releasing in exactly three weeks. It would make a whole hell of a lot of sense to have an Episode IX teaser you could run ahead of Captain Marvel. A teaser tomorrow during Good Morning America would not shock me at this point.

We will just have to wait and see if this comes to fruition. What do you think? Will we be getting an Episode IX teaser as early as tomorrow?

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