Comics From Around the Galaxy: 2/27/19

Doctor Aphra #29

Doctor Aphra is the only new Star Wars comic coming out this week but do you really need anything else when Doctor Aphra comes out. This month’s Aphra comic continues the story of her and Triple Zero being unable to leave each other’s side due to a bomb implanted in both of them. This arc has been refreshing not just because we get more of Triple Zero and Aphra but we get to see softer side of Triple Zero as we explore more about what makes him the droid he is.

Star Wars Omnibus

I don’t normally cover the release of collections but this one was to big to ignore (literally). This Wednesday sees the release of the collection of Star Wars comics that ushered in a new run at Marvel. If you have fallen behind on the main Star Wars comic this is the collection for you.

This omnibus collects Star Wars (2015) #1-37, Star Wars: Vader Down, Darth Vader (2015) #13-15, Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel, Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #7-8 and Star Wars Annual #1-3.

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