Comics From Around the Galaxy: 3/6/19

Star Wars #62

It is time for the start of a new arc in the main Star Wars comic and this one is going to be all about revenge. If you enjoy your Leia with a little bit of pissed off mixed in then I have a feeling this arc is going to be for you. Leia is looking to strike back at Shu-Torun for her betrayal of the Rebel Alliance and I have a feeling she is going to get it.

Padme Amidala #1

It is a big week for everyone’s favorite Star Wars queen, Padme Amidala. Coming alongside the release of the novel, Queen’s Shadow, we are also getting an Age of Republic story centered around Queen Amidala. If you are looking for some prequel love this is the week for you.

Vader: Dark Visions #1 (of 5)

Can we really get to many Vader comics? After Charles Soule’s run on the main Darth Vader book came to an end we have had no new Vader content but that changes this week with the release of Dark Visions. This book looks to be exploring the idea that Vader could be seen as a hero to some people in the galaxy so we will have to jump on board to see where this takes such an iconic character.

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