Three New Celebration Panels

The number one source of Star Wars Celebration news, The Star Wars Show, returned today with even more Celebration news. We got not one, not two, but three panel announcements on today’s show. All three panels will focus on different corners of Star Wars animation but all look to pack quite the punch.

The first panel is titled Rebels Remembered on Saturday April 13th in which cast of the very popular show Rebels will take time to discuss the show we all loved and some of the behind the scenes that went into making it. This will be a great time to remember a show that kicked off the Disney-era of Star Wars and that has had such a lasting impact a year later. The one thing I do find odd about the official announcement for this panel is they go out of the way to say there will be no surprise announcement of a new series but I am not so sure I believe them.

The second panel announced is a Clone Wars panel on Sunday April 14th. This panel will cover the upcoming return of The Clone Wars after it’s surprise announcement that it would be returning at last year’s San Diego Comic Con. This panel promises to give us the best look at the returning show we have gotten to date and I have a feeling it may even include a premier date.

The final panel announced today is about the second season of Resistance. This panel will take place on April 15th and will include many of the shows cast. We have been promised that this panel will give us the first look at the second season which is sure to have some fireworks the way season one is wrapping up.

That is all the panels announced today by The Star Wars Show but be sure to check back here as we get more announcements as the days tick closer to Celebration.

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