Comics From Around the Galaxy: 3/13/19

Age of Republic: General Grievous #1

It is time for the final Age of Republic title to be released this week. This issue will focus on the droid General Grievous. Grievous has always been one of my all time favorite Star Wars characters so more in canon stories about him are always welcomed by me. If you have not read the other Age of Republic issues yet you won’t need to to understand this comic but I highly recommend them since they are all great. Hopefully a collection will be coming in the near future.

Han Solo Imperial Cadet #5 (of 5)

Age of Republic is not the only Star Wars comic coming to and end this week. We have the final issue of Han Solo Imperial Cadet this week as well. This comic has not been full of anything earth shattering but has been a fun look at Han’s time inside the Empire which is something glossed over in Solo. I am at least interested to see how they wrap this story up but am not holding my breath for this to be anything other than a fun read.

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