6 New Celebration Guest

It’s the day after a new episode of The Star Wars Show so we of course have a whole new group of Celebration guest to look at. This was our largest group to date and the first to include an Academy Award winner.

The most notable guest in this batch is of course Forest Whitaker who played Saw Gerrera in Rogue One. Adding Whitaker to the list of guest adds a lot of star power. He is not only a larger part of the Star Wars universe but is a well known actor in the business.

Whitaker is also joined by Hugh Quarshie who played Admiral Panaka in Episode I. He will for sure be added on to the Episode I panel on Monday. We also added another Clone Wars alum with Katee Sackhoff who voiced the Mandalorian Bo-Katan throughout the series and in Rebels.

The last three guest all have to do with droids. Lee Towersey (Sequel trilogy), Josh Lee (Rogue One), and Matt Denton (Rogue One/TFA) join the list. These guys have had a huge impact on all of the droids from the new movies so are great people to talk to about the behind the scenes of the new movies.

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