Comics From Around the Galaxy: 3/20/19

Solo Adaptation #6 (of 7)

I do not have much to say about this comic since we all know where I fall with adaptations of the movies into comic form. All I will say can we take a second to appreciate this cover? It is a great representation of the scene this comic will play out. I also love see the expressions on Han and Lando’s face because the one on Han’s is so carefree and Lando just looks like he is done with the whole situation.

Star Wars #63

Leia was busy putting a team together in the last issue of Star Wars and now we get to see her plan put into action. I really enjoyed that the team Leia put together encompassed characters we have meet throughout the entire sixty two issue run. The whole putting together of the team felt very Ocean’s 11 and I am all about that. If you did not pick up last month’s issue I recommend doing that when you pick this up because this story looks to be a lot of fun.

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