Vader Immortal First Look

We are getting our first in-depth look at the new Star Wars VR game, Vader Immortal, at this year’s Celebration. announced that the game will be front and center on the main stage at Celebration Friday April 12th at 1:30pm. Members of the team will be on hand to talk about the first details about the game followed by a demo on the floor of the convention that will be open to attendees for the remainder of Celebration.

Vader Immortal was announced late last year as a launch title for the new Oculus Quest. The game will take place within the existing Star Wars canon and will be broken up into episodes telling a story taking place following the events of Episode III. This is a game I have had my eye on since the first announcement. ILM has dabbled in VR for a while but this will be the first time we get a in canon story told using that medium. This story looks to be extremely fleshed out and I am looking forward to getting my hands on it at Celebration.

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