Comics From Around the Galaxy: 3/27/19

Star Wars Adventures #19

The all ages Star Wars comic continues it’s focus on the prequel era this week with the second of three stories in a row from that era. This month’s issue focuses on Obi Wan leading a mission during the Clone Wars with the help of Captain Rex. If you need something to help scratch that Clone Wars itch then this is the book for you.

Doctor Aphra #30

This current story arc of Doctor Aphra has looked at not only what makes up Aphra but her murderous side kick Triple Zero. This month’s book looks to continue to dive into what makes the two tick all the while exploring their very complicated relationship. This arc has been a wide ride thus far and does not look to be slowing down.

Vader: Dark Visions #2 (of 5)

In the first issue of Dark Visions we got to explore the idea that Vader could be a hero to some people. While he was not intentionally helping free those people he still became a symbol of hope for them. This issue looks to move back into Vader being the guy everyone fears. Will this issue further explore Vader being a hero even though he strikes fear into the people around him? We will have to pick up the issue tomorrow to find out.

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