Episode IX Poster Leak

This article is going to have spoilers. I just want to be straight forward that if you do not want to see anything related to Episode IX this article is not for you. While this is a leak this is pretty close to official. I will post the actual poster at the bottom to avoid anyone accidentally seeing it but now that everyone has been warned let’s get into it.

So yesterday Star Wars twitter blew up with a poster leak that was obtained by MakingStarWars.net. The poster in question does not look to be the official movie poster but more like something we would see at retail or maybe given out to Celebration guest. Even though this is not the official movie poster it is full of great content.

The first thing that stood out to me when I looked at the poster was the Knights of Ren are pretty front and center on the poster. Their inclusion on the poster further supports the rumors we have heard that they will be a key part of this movie. With having JJ Abrams back in the directing chair for Episode IX it makes sense that he would look to dive into the Knights of Ren since he introduced them in Episode XII. I think this further shows that what we did see in XII was in fact a vision of the future not the past.

The second item that stands out to me is the inclusion of new characters on the poster. The human characters on the poster are not what catches my eye though. What really brings up questions for me is the creature we see to the left of Finn. On posters like this we typically only get characters that are crucial to the overall story. Seeing something as odd as that creature on a main poster like this is odd and I am interested to see what role it may play in the film.

My third item is more of a wrap up of the other smaller things we get with this poster. The first being C-3PO holding what looks like Chewy’s bowcaster. Will we get to see Threepio get in on the action in this Episode? The second smaller thing worth mentioning is the inclusion of the Y-wing in the background. This will be the first time we have seen original era ships outside of the X-wing in the sequel trilogy. The final thing of note is the red stormtroppers. Early reports have said these troopers report directly to the Knights of Ren and Kylo himself so they are sure to be a major part of this movie.

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