Comics From Around the Galaxy: 4/24/19

Doctor Aphra #31

This is it. The bomb that has kept Aphra and Triple Zero tied to each other of this last arc is seconds from blowing up. This arc has had all the crazy Star Wars moments we have come to love about this book but has also done a lot to grow both Aphra and Triple Zero as characters. Looking forward to seeing how this is resolved and how exactly it will effect our characters.

Galaxy’s Edge #1 (of 5)

The official start of all the Galaxy’s Edge tie in material starts this week with a five issue comic miniseries. The purpose of this series is pretty straightforward in just trying to introduce us to the characters we will have the chance to interact with in the next few months but to see some staple characters interact in a world we will be able to set foot in should be fun.

Vader: Dark Visions #3 (of 5)

Cue the click-bait articles (maybe I will write one) but does Darth Vader have a lover? The obvious answer is no. It looks like we will be told a story of a women who has fallen in love with the dark lord. I think we all know how this story will end but I cannot wait to see someone falling over Darth Vader just to see his reaction to the whole situation.

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