Comics From Around the Galaxy: 5/1/19

Star Wars Adventures: Flight of the Falcon #1

Flight of the Falcon has been a mostly overlooked story line that Disney has been putting out since last year due to it being geared to a younger age but is generally a ton of fun. This week we get a one shot about Bazine Netal’s continued pursuit of the Falcon. This issue also includes the return of Hondo Ohnaka which will please many fans.

Star Wars #65

So Leia and team got their revenge on Queen Trios last issue but it looks like (not surprisingly) that Two Tubes may have an agenda of his own. We have seen how the survivors of Jakku and the followers of Saw Gerrera have become even more radicalized since the Death Star attack and this issue looks to show us more. One of my favorite takeaways from Rogue One was showing the Rebellion is not always in agreement on the tactics to use against the Empire so I am looking forward to this being furthered explored.

Age of Rebellion: Han Solo #1

I can not recommend all of the “Age of” Star Wars line enough. Now this month our focus shifts to everyone’s favorite smuggler Han Solo. This story takes place right after Han helped defeat the first Death Star so look for a still less bought in Han Solo who is still struggling with his role in the galactic conflict. If you only pick up one issue this week I recommend this is the one you get.

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